About Us

Peimot brings a new spirit of research, in which cultural and aesthetic worldviews are examined from two aspects: the musicological-analytic aspect, which raises research questions concerning the inner world of musical compositions, and the cultural aspect, which raises social and intellectual questions concerning the place of music in the social and artistic thought of both the past and the present.

The aim of the publication is to expand the cultural and linguistic range of research language in Hebrew. In striving toward this aim, we are joined by some of Israel’s finest researchers, individuals who have set the academic standards of the unique musical discourse taking shape in Israel and abroad. Through this new musical discourse, one is able to examine an array of multi-cultural phenomena in Israel and across the globe.

Peimot is published with the support of the Buchman-Mehta School of Music and Resling Publishing. The digital website features the articles in Hebrew and in English. The publication of the articles in both languages enriches the research discourse in the original language and creates a dialogue with foundational musical concepts in English.  

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